Monday, June 02, 2008

Weddings, Ordination and Other Updates

A few of you all have asked for updates to see how Memorial Day Service went over. We had a good service. As I expected, there were several songs honoring America, and our soldiers out there on the front line. Actually, the special music that day talked about the need for a few good men to be out there on the front lines for God. The judge gave a speech where everybody clapped about how we are losing our country to godless people, and how the government is trying to take God and Jesus Christ out of everything. Then I led the church in a time of pastoral prayer before reading the scripture. We prayed for our soldiers, their families, for people who have lost loved ones in the past year, and finally our enemies. It actually went over well. I had several people come up to me and tell me how powerful the prayer time was. I was happy about that. In the sermon I talked about how Paul was having an effect on the Roman Praetorian Guard, who were the most powerful men in the Roman world outside of Caesar and the senate. Overall, the service actually turned out pretty good, better than I thought it would.
In other news, I was ordained this past weekend. It was a special time for me. My dad performed the service and did a phenomenal job as he always does. The ordination council was made up of men who I have had close relationships with for 12, almost 13 years. Several of them were my Sunday School teachers growing up, and I even worked with a couple when I was on staff at the church. My cousin Elise was married in Houston this weekend as well, so all my family was in town, which made it even more special. Sarah of course was there, and her parents were nice enough to come down to Beaumont for the service. It was a great and moving experience last night. I am really grateful for the people God has put in my life to mold me into the person I am today.

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congratulations Ray! so cool!

hope you are well!