Thursday, May 03, 2007

Public Schools

This summer the SBC in San Antonio will vote on a resolution to start an "exodus" from the public schools in America. The sponsor of the resolution, Vodi Baucham, whom I like, reasons, "If the SBC and American Christianity are to survive in any culturally relevant way, we are going to have to repent of our unfaithfulness in the education of our children." Is he serious? The President of Southern Seminary, Al Mohler, has been on record as saying that Southern Baptists need an "exit strategy" to get out of public schools. The resolution itself says that our school system an "anti-Christian government school system." This makes me absolutely sick, but not surprised. Before I get into this very much, let me say that one of my best friends growing up, Philip Childree, was homeschooled. Also, two of my best friends in college, Ryan and Bode, were educated at Shiloh Christian School (go Saints) in Arkansas. I myself attended OBU, a private university. I have no problem if a parent wants to homeschool or perhaps if the public schools education is not up to par, sending their kids to private be it Christian or other. However, what kind of message does planning an exit strategy from the public schools send to our society? Yes, I agree that parents have a responsibility to help educate and disciple their kids. But this to me, says that we have all the answers, you have nothing to say to us, and we are just going to let you go to hell. Invoking the language of an exodus? What are our Christian kids enslaved to? Algebra 1? US History? And then the kicker for me, "remaining culturally relevant." How do we remain "culturally relevant" when we are not willing to engage culture? Are we worried that our perfect, Christian kids will be infected with sin? Oh wait, they already are. Are we worried that sinners might find Jesus with our kids effecting the school from the inside? Hmmm. There was another group who stayed away from sinners, Pharisees. What was their punishment? Oh yeah, the fires of hell.

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