Thursday, September 14, 2006

This past week was a pretty life-impacting week for me. I was reminded of feelings that I had for one of my friends a couple years ago, as I found out that one of my fellow Truett student's dad had died. Please pray for Lloyd and his family.

We also had a great chapel service this past week that really spoke to my heart. Our speaker, Dr. Sharyn Dowd (yes a woman for all you who care about such things) spoke about loving God with our minds. When asked the greatest commandment, Jesus quoted the Deut. 6 passage which talks about loving God with your whole person. Jesus even adds mind to the Deut. passage. Though I realize that the heart, being, and strength is in reference to the whole person, I think that Jesus did add the mind for a reason. God gave us a mind, and He expects us to use it. This does not mean however that we become so intellectual that we neglect our service and devotion to Christ. However it does mean when confronted with new ideas that we allow ourselves to open up and explore the idea. It's not like God hasn't heard it before, so I really don't think he minds if you allow strange, perhaps even unorthodox thoughts to enter your mind.

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Anonymous said...

good thoughts, ray. i just taught the passage about the greatest commandment to some students here in india. glorifying God with our minds is a wonderful thing, but what a challenge! it's so easy to twist and contort knowledge to glorify ourselves...but it does make me sad when people limit their exploration to one particular label. we just have to remember that knowledge puffs up but love builds up. as with everything else we do our pursuit of knowledge must be grounded in love. take care, friend!--julie