Monday, September 25, 2006

Seperation of Church and state? Check out this article on BP and tell me what you think:

BP Article


kate said...

first of all..don't even get me started on the comments on israel and hezbollah! secondly i think that it's a risky game for pastors to speak on the opinions of various political candidates, i can't imagine someone giving a truely unopinionated and unbiased presentation on all of the issues. something i have been thinking about for a while is the idea of us legislating morality. i think that the church can often believe 'if our laws were moral and biblical then our nation would be as well'. i don't necissarily agree with that. i do think that people of the church need to be educated on political issues, but i think that we need take steps to change these specific issues (homosexuality, abortion) in a loving christ like way that doesn't depend on a legal change

Anonymous said...

ray! i had no idea you had a blog. sounds like you're doing well. sorry about the astros--well, i'm not really sorry because i remember walking into class two years ago and you and ryan swinging for the fences. take care!