Thursday, July 20, 2006

We throw the word "faith" around. We say we are a people of faith, or we live by faith. What does it truly mean to live by faith? Is it just believing or saying you believe in something? I'm all about seeing people receive Christ and getting baptized. I love it when that happens, but I always wonder in the back of my mind "Is it real, or is it fire insurance?" (to quote Dr. Mullins). In the Luke 7:36-50 passage, Jesus tells the sinful woman that her faith has saved her, and for her to go in peace. What was her faith? Was it the tears she cried, the perfume she brought, or was it something else? I think when Jesus referred to her faith, it was the response she gave to who Jesus was. Simon the Pharisee and his friends had heard the same message about Jesus, had probably seen him do the miracles written about in chapter 7, but they did not respond. This sinful woman however, saw the miracles, heard Jesus claim about himself and responded with tears. Because of this response Jesus said "Go in peace." She was a changed woman. Faith then, according to this story, is a response to God. Because of her willingness to respond to God, Jesus forgave her sins and gave her a life of peace, something that the pharisee's interpretation of religion could never give.


Tori said...

Ray, you preached on this passage Sunday night. And you think I don't listen to you.

Ryan said...

I know what you mean ray. There was a point in my life when I had to have faith that my roomate wasnt going to kill me when he was sleep walking. Since this is blogging and I need to be serious I really do agree with your post. Keep up the good work roomie.

kate said...

welcome to blogging ray! it's quite fun. i wish you could have been around for some of my past posts, some were a little more theological and your in-put would have been nice! they'll come again though i'm sure :)

i really like this. i think we often associate 'success' with 'good faith' and 'failure' with 'lack of faith' (not necissarily moral failure, but other sorts of measured failure that we have, especially in the church, numbers, emotions..etc). but if faith is truly a response to God, then it is outside of "success", it's a step towards God and Who He is and how He is moving. it's funny how we can turn our faith IN God back to be about US.

i really enjoyed these thoughts ray and i look forward to more!

shan said...

I'd have to agree with you Ray. Good post.

Kate makes a good point when she says that our faith is a response to God. More often then not we catch ourselves hearing those stories, reading and studying these passages and living among God actively moving... and still ask God where He is.

She saw it simply...right in front of her. He moved and she believed.

Welcome to the secret world of's crazy how your name gets out!!