Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm reading a book that all Christian American's should read. It is American Gospel by Jon Meacham. Meacham explores the use of religion and its effect upon the political situation throughout American history. Our Founding Fathers, while not all Christians, all had a sense of America being guided by a Divine Force. Therefore the author argues "Given that a large majority do believe in a transcendent power, and given that the evocations of a transcendent power grew organically from the habits and hearts of the early Americans, it would be as unsound to ban the use of the word God from all public life as it would be to require every American to attend church services every Sunday." Finally somebody has realized that there are a lot of shades of grey. The problem I have with both extreme liberals and the religious right is that there is no room in the middle. Our Founding Fathers on the other hand understood the importance of balance between the political and religion. They did not disregard religion by becoming a secular government, but allowed it to flourish and to not become corrupt by staying out of religion. At the same time, they understood that this country needs religion in order for this country to maintain a sense of purpose. I am grateful for the stands our Founding Fathers took on the Freedom of Religion.


Justin P. Farrell said...

Interesting point Ray. I agree with you whole heartedly. It seems that there are two driving forces that are motivated by similar intolerant ideals. You have the religious right, which does not tolerate other religions but one (based on a claim that america was founded and to be run on christian beliefs). On the other hand you have the (very)liberal left which does goes so far into secular thinking, all the while ignoring tradition and community that they squash any opportunity for religion to flourish. It seems like both sides share the common characteristic of intolerance. The very thing that our religious father's meant to get away from.

Dr.BK said...

Ray "Money" Miller. I am impressed that you are blogging. I will have to keep an eye on what you are thinking in order to make sure you are remaining orthodox while in Waco.

foxofbama said...

Ray: Thanks for posting on my blog.
I had a letter published in the Gadsden Alabama Times July 11, a Tuesday; GAds Bama, Judge Roy Moore's home base. I broached Meacham book in it, specifically the June 20 interview with Meacham in which I said Meacham dissected all of Moore's display, in an exchange I had with Moore March 22.
We'll keep monitoring each other.
I been trhough Beaumont once and have no desire to go back. Nothing personal, just a Texas thing; no reason to go through there except on way to San Antone.
On the other hand I am big fan of the celebrated balladeer from those parts, who got featured in a delightful New Yorker article about three years ago. Name will come to me later.
Sfox, Alabama