Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Words From a Dead Guy (Thanks Jeff)

I graduate seminary on Friday. I loved my time at Truett, and will miss it greatly. One of the many pleasures of Truett is its historical theology program which introduces its students to the great thinkers, writers, and shapers that have handed our faith down for nearly 2000 years. One writer in particular stands out to me as I leave seminary: John Crystostrom. A philosopher before converting to faith, Crystostrom lived out an intelligent faith and wrote sermons on nearly every topic. As I was studying for my sermon Sunday from Colossians 4:2-6, which speaks of speaking with grace, Crystostrom writes this to preachers:

"If a preacher despises praise yet does not produce the kind of teaching which is 'with grace, seasoned with salt,' he is despised by the people, and his sublime words accomplish nothing. And if he is eloquent but is a slave to the sound of applause, again an equal damage threatens both him and the people, because through his passion for praise he aims to speak more for hte pleasure than the profit of his hearers."

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Glad I could help out. Good words.