Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This past summer, I wrote several blogs about my experience in Kenya. Most of it was how I saw God working among the poorest of the poor in Kenya. However, I left out a big part of the story. I met and fell in love with my future wife Sarah there. Someone who was instrumental in Sarah and I coming together was this little guy above, Marvin. Marvin spoke no English, and honestly did not speak much at all (until Marc decided it would be a good idea to give him six cookies). His eyes told his story. They were eyes of hope, love, and acceptance. Whenever you looked into Marvin's eyes, your heart melted and fell in love with the kid. Even though he did not talk, he was a smart kid. He was always looking around, checking things out. Marvin's mom was learning a trade so she could take care of Marvin and herself at a place called Beacon of Hope. I love that name Beacon of Hope, and Marvin's presence there personified that ministry. We met Marvin at the chapel service when we first visited Beacon of Hope. He came right up to our team, and we immediately fell in love with him. For some reason, he wanted to hang around me (or maybe it was mutual). Sarah, who loves kids, was gravitated to him as well, and there is a picture Sarah, Marvin, and myself all holding hands while he looked up with those eyes at Sarah. It was almost like he was saying that Sarah and I should be together. Like I said, smart kid. There was another moment when Marvin and I were playing that he came and hugged me. Never has my heart been so warm as it was in that moment. I looked up, and there was Sarah looking at me with her blue eyes. It was at that moment I knew something special was happening between us thanks to a quiet, but loving and hopeful boy named Marvin, who hopefully Sarah and I will see again.

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