Thursday, January 24, 2008

Five Overtimes Later . . .

Five overtimes later, and Baylor has won my heart. I liked them before, but I love them now. Coach Drew is a great coach and an even better man. Last year, they lost a heartbreaking game to Texas where Kevin Durant went nuts in the last five minute of the game. The game went into overtime, and the team did not get back until late on a Saturday night. The next day though, Coach Drew was volunteering in the nursery at his church, teaching two-year-olds how to shoot a basketball. Last night, Baylor outlasted Texas A&M on the Aggie's homecourt. It took 5 overtimes, but Baylor and Coach Drew finally got their signature win. Baylor has overcome a lot, including not having a non-conference schedule a couple years ago due to violations from the last coach. The program survived the black eye, and hopefully Baylor will be in the NCAA's this year. Congratulations to Coach Drew and the basketball program.

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