Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I have decided I hate moving. I'm excited for the change, but I hate moving. Setting up takes time, effort, and money that I don't have. Also, as of right now, I don't know that many people, and none of my neighbors have been out to talk to. Change is hard, but good at the same time. Today I was putting things on my wall and for some reason began to think about Abram. Abram was a successful man before God called him. His friends and family were there, and I'm sure it was a comfortable life. But God called him to move out of the country he had grown up in into a land which God would show him. Abram didn't even know where he was going to go! At least I know that for the next few years. Although Abram made some mistakes, he followed God and God took care of him. I can only hope for the same thing for myself.


Justin P. Farrell said...

we start on the 20th of Sept. When do you start? Put up some pics of your place

Ryan Blackwell said...

God called Abram to San Francisco. You should know that as an alum of OBU. It will all work out at Waco though. You'll start meeting people soon and the education will be worth it all. Praying for ya roomie.

kate said...

ray..yea, i'd love to check out your friends church. turns out finding a church in denver is kinda difficult! so let me know more about it when you can. has school started?